Yin Yoga with Emma

Yin Yoga with Emma

Yin yoga works on the connective tissues (fascia, ligaments, bones and joints) of the body instead of the muscles which are worked in more vigorous (yang) styles of yoga or exercise. Yin yoga works with energy channels of the body that are well researched in the eastern world of medicine which believe that by moving the prana/chi/Life force energy around the body we can sooth and soften habitual areas of tension. In this style of yoga we hold poses for longer and use various props to ease us safely into the postures. The challenge often comes from the mind to hold you in the moment of stillness for the duration of each posture. Yin yoga is great for calming the mind, cleansing and restoring the body. Suitable for all ages and levels. Great alongside a more active practise or on its own. All props provided.


£10 per class | Block of 6 – £55 | Block – 10 £90
We recommend booking a block of classes to avoid disappointment.

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